In the 1980s I started working in the roofing business. After many years of providing roofing services in East Lyme Connecticut, the industry has evolved significantly. For instance, ventilation is a hot topic nowadays, back in the 80s very little was mentioned about it. Many of the large roofing manufacturers had problems with their mixture of asphalt and granules which created many warranty call backs.

Roofing Services in East Lyme Connecticut

In the 90s more quality control and better materials used created a much more stable product. I mention this because I have seen a lot of quality issues years ago but much less presently. Ice damming as any New Englander knows is a big concern in the Northeast so ice barrier installation has made a big difference in the preventing of interior water damage.

Other East Lyme roofers don't spend the time and money to have quality products that will save you money, and give you the best aesthetic as possible. The products that the team at Calvary Remodeling use are time-tested and cutting edge. The roof is no longer just a shingle, it is a system. From the edgings to underlayments such as ice barrier which everyone has heard about, to the ridge vent systems. Calvary Remodeling's roof installation service process is much more detailed and methodically installed maintaining the manufacturer's recommendations so that the warranty is fully covered. Your roof shingle is only as good as the underlayment preparation and the installer's  attention to detail.

Calvary Remodeling's crews, products, and management go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. I as the owner of East Lyme roofing company, I have personally written installation manuals for the installation of all types of roofing and have trained many installation crews over my years in the business. I accept nothing less than the highest quality in both materials and workmanship. I expect nothing less from anyone who works for Calvary Remodeling. Courteous, conscientious, honest, and thorough from start to finish and leave the property neat and clean.


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