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Got Rot?

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Everyone knows there are words that can strike fear into any homeowner. Words like: infested, mold, foundation cracks, and yes, ROT.  Images of a professional poking a screw driver around window frames, flicking off pieces of crumbling wood, and hearing the words "You've got Rot" are enough to make any Smart Watch heart rate soar into the triple digits. 

With over 30 years of experience, Craig Margiano, owner of Calvary Remodeling LLC, answers a few questions about the "R" word and what Calvary Remodeling does to protect your home.


What causes wood to rot?

Well, I'm not a mycologist, but rot is caused by different species of fungi. The fungi spores attach to exposed wet wood, and are able to draw the nutrients they need from the wood, and it creates the environment fungi can thrive in. The integrity of the wood becomes weakened and begins to deteriorate, crack and crumble and can eventually cause structural damage to the framing of the house.  Rot will usually continue to spread until the source of moisture is addressed


Can you tell by just looking at a home if it has rot? What are the most common areas where you find rot?

You really don't always know it's there. We have seen well maintained homes where we have found rot hidden beneath the surface. The most common areas where we find rot are: around chimneys, windows, doors, garage door frames, and gable edges. Anywhere there is a gap or joint there is a chance water could get in if it is not properly protected. Protrusions exposed to the elements, the north side of a house or heavily shaded areas can also be areas of suspect for rot.  


What do you do once you find rot on a house?

For rot to spread, Fungi need wet or damp wood.  In the case of finding rot, we would meet with the customer, take photos of the areas of concern, and make recommendations.  We always remove and replace any rotted wood. At Calvary Remodeling before installing your siding, roofing or windows we inspect every area for rot.  We care about our integrity and the integrity of our customers homes.  We believe in honesty and are in constant communication with our customers every single day.  I am on site daily and make myself readily available to answer any and all questions


How does Calvary Remodeling help protect their customers homes?

Once we know we have a dry environment, we wrap your entire house using high quality house wrap and we flash around all areas where water could get in. We then use a 1/2 inch foam backer, which adds a layer of protection and insulation. We use the highest quality materials for roofing, siding and windows.  Calvary Remodeling custom makes casings around all windows, doors, rake boards, fascia, and garage doors, with a built in J channel. This receives the siding perfectly, giving your home a beautiful custom appearance on the outside AND complete protection from New England's ever changing elements on the inside. 


Craig, thank you for giving us some important information on Got Rot? Do you have any advice to give?


It was my pleasure. The advice I would give is like most things, be proactive for your home.  If you see signs of wear, water or warping, have it looked at and at least get an estimate to address and prevent problems before they turn into bigger problems. We are happy to answer any questions or give you a free estimate for any project you may be considering. 

Roof Rot

This is an example of a roof with shingle failure which can allow water to get under the shingles, rotting the wood beneath your roof.

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Siding Rot

In this photo water seeped around the window and ROT spread through the sheathing and framing and even to the sheet rock on the interior house walls!

Once wood or sheathing is saturated it can go into the framing which can cause structural damage.


We tore off all of the siding and sheathing, installed new framing, wall insulation, house wrap, foam backer insulation and then installed the new siding.


Window Rot

Improper flashing around windows can be a portal of entry for water, causing rot. This window had a rotted window sill and other windows had rotted framing.


We installed new construction windows with flashing and custom casings to prevent any future water damage.


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Are you Concerned about Rot in Your Home? Call us for a Free Estimate.

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